Car Maintenance Paint and Detailing

When time comes to buy a new car, you might find the people at the dealership offering you some extras such as paint protection and more often than not, people tend to shy away from these extras mostly because you want to stick to or stay under the budget you set for yourself. While this is a good principle, it would actually be more beneficial to you to go a little out of pocket to get the extras being offered and these also includes getting a car detailing every so often. These extras go a long way in protecting your car’s new paint and is advisable to anyone buying a car whether you will be driving it out of a show room or from a used car lot.

However, you may be asking yourself, why go the extra mile? After all, you already got what you paid for, right?

Well, the short answer is, yes, you already got what you paid for but just as you would clean your house, the car needs to be given the same attention.

The paint protection offered by most dealerships and car detailing facilities is a worthy investment because it gives protection to the paint underneath therefore preserving it. The fact of the matter is that the best things about life much wreak havoc on your car’s paint. Something as welcome as the sun might not be so appreciated by the car paint because the more your car is exposed to the elements, the faster the paint fades. Apart from the weather elements, flying debris which are generally harmless to you and pedestrians might do a number on the paint. If you are on the freeway for example and a vehicle speeds past you sending a pebble bouncing off your hood, you might not really notice it but if you take a look at your hood later, you might see the damage to your car’s paint. It might be a minor chip but a series of similar incidents will definitely take its toll. The paint protection offered would go a long way in protecting your new car paint and even though it may be a bit pricy, it will pay off down the road.

Car detailing is also important for your car maintenance because while paint protection and regular car washes only take care of the car’s exterior, detailing ensures that the interior is also spotless. It is however imperative to note that a car wash is not the same as a car detailing job. A simple car wash is faster and way cheaper than a detailing job, sometimes costing just a tenth of what it would cost to do the latter but this is because a proper detail involves more than just the wash. The torn leather is mended, the paint blemishes fixed, the carpets and vents vacuumed, wiper blades replaced among other services. Yes, a car detail job might be pricy, but a good detailing job should restore your car’s original beauty and increase the resale value by up to fifteen per cent at the same time.

The next time you buy a car or if you are planning to upgrade, consider car detailing and paint protection because they both go a long way. After all, if you want your car to treat you well, how about treating it well first?

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