Mazda MPS Upgrades!

By posted 30th November 2012

Being a street car (also used for light track use), this Mazda 3 MPS came to us for advice on performance suspension, braking & engine upgrade options.

DSC01639 300x199 Mazda MPS Upgrades!

For increased horsepower & torque, an “XB PowerKit” was fitted to the MPS. This kit includes replacement of the small, factory turbo dump pipe with a larger & much better flowing item. We also fabricated a section of the exhaust to join the new high-flow cat converter, which we also supplied & installed.

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The braking performance package that we selected included new front rotors. We chose DBA’s newly released “T3 4000 Series” slotted items. This new design consists of an array of slots that have been formulated using the latest in computer-aided engineering design software & extensive on-road & rack track tests. They will be quieter, more reponsive & have a smoother brake pedal feel than the standard rotors. Chosen pads were the MRT Sport pads. They are a fantastic upgrade to any Mazda, Subaru or Mitsubishi track car, that is also driven on the street. They handle high er brake temperatures in track conditions (heavy braking) over the factory standard brake pads. They produce a low amount of dust & are quieter than competitor’s performance pads.

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We also chose Whiteline front & rear swaybars to reduce bodyroll, therefore increasing rigidity & neutralising both understeer & oversteer for track use.

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A positive shift kit was also fitted. This comprises of stiffer gearbox crossmember bushes to make the gearbox feel firmer & allows for quicker gear shifting. This is an excellent value upgrade for Subaru  Mazda vehicles! This MPS was already lowered, so we installed Whiteline’s bump steer correction kit in the front end. This kit raises the vehicle’s front roll-centre geometry (which is affected when lowering), which will improve tyre grip, reduce understeer, increase vehicle stability & improve steering precision. If you would like to activate more grip with your vehicle, contact us for further details.

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Finally, the MPS was tuned using ECUTEK software. A great increase in both horsepower & torque was gained, netting 187kw at the front wheels & 445Nm of torque!

mpskwpsi1 300x136 Mazda MPS Upgrades!

mpskwnm1 300x136 Mazda MPS Upgrades!







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