Brake Upgrades

brakes test Brake Upgrades

It’s just as important to upgrade your ‘stopping power’ when you upgrade your engine’s power. A well designed braking system consists of quality brake calipers, rotors, pads and brake lines to suit your application (track only, street only or street/track).

A simple upgrade in most situations is a set of heavy duty pads and a brake fluid flush with a quality fluid. From this point we can then introduce slotted rotors (preventing or minimising brake fade), braided brake lines (ensure they are ADR approved!) and finally you can upgrade your callipers (allowing for larger discs in most cases).

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DBA Brake Upgrades


5000 2pce Brake Upgrades

DBA rotors represent Australian Made quality and ultilising the DBA slotted rotors in any performance situation is a must.

DBA have an extensive range, and various rotor options to suit a large range of applications. We most commonly use the Kangaroo Paw or 4000 Series rotors on street cars and on any cars that see the track, we use and recommend the 5000 Series 2-piece rotors. This two piece design allows for the rotor to expand and contract without causing warping, saving you from over machining your rotors after each track session.