Custom Dyno Tuning

dyno large Custom Dyno Tuning

With our vast experience in tuning aftermarket engine management systems, custom dyno tuning all makes and models is a speciality for us and is carried out here, in-house, using our Dyno Dynamics 4WD Chassis Dyno.


Whether your application is for street use or full-on race, we are able to carry out a responsive and safe tune on any application and with any type of fuel, to suit your needs. Performing a custom dyno tune will not only optimise driveability and increase fuel economy but will also improve many other factors such as your engine’s throttle response and idle control. It is strongly recommended to have a custom dyno tune in conjunction with any modification/s carried out to your vehicle, even after just a simple exhaust component upgrade or intercooler upgrade.


R35flames2 300x200 Custom Dyno Tuning

For your convenience, after your tune is completed we will provide you with a dyno graph printout – recording such figures as power, torque, boost pressure and air/fuel mixtures.


We also host fun ‘Dyno Days’ for various car clubs. Plus, we hold a few Mercury Motorsport Dyno Days each year, which are ‘open invitations’ to anyone. These days always prove a big hit for both entrants and spectators and details are posted up on our website, our Facebook page and various car-enthusiast forums a few weeks prior to the event.

Contact us for further information on our custom dyno tuning and/or our dyno days.