Aftermarket ECU’s

ecu large Aftermarket ECUs

Fitment of an aftermarket ECU or the use of tuning software will allow your engine to be tuned correctly not only for power, but also for reliability and fuel economy. Aside from carrying out professional dyno tunes, our Team can also supply and install a wide variety of ECU’s such as Vipec, Autronic, A’pexi, Motec, Microtech and Wolf, including neatly carrying out any custom wiring required.


Depending on your level of modifications, it’s often best to maximise the potential of your standard ECU. In these situations, we utilise tuning software such as EcuTeK (Subaru, Mitsubishi and Mazda), VCM Suite (Ford and Holden) and NIStune (Nissan). This allows custom tuning of your factory ECU without the expense of a total aftermarket engine management system.


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