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The exhaust system can be a vital tool for optimising the performance of your engine – it’s a critical element to maximise horsepower and torque and is the best way to unleash restricted power by allowing exhaust gases to exit the engine more smoothly and efficiently. So, upgrading it is the first modification that should be carried out to your engine.


There are a number of components to a vehicle’s exhaust system, including the exhaust manifold, up-pipe (Subaru engines), turbo dump pipe and the main exhaust system including the cat converter and rear muffler. All can be upgraded individually, however, for best results and to gain optimum exhaust efficiency and serious performance gains, we recommend a full upgrade of all exhaust components, making sure that all are properly matched!



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Design and construction of an exhaust system impacts performance considerably and if not done properly, it can also lead to a loss in power rather than a gain. We have a number of solutions available from axle or cat-back systems to complete systems including turbo dump-pipe, cat converter’s and muffler’s. Most of the quality bolt-on systems that we carry are intended for a straight fit with no modifications required and are designed for the optimum in looks, performance and sound.


Using our meticulous in-house fabrication team, we are also able to custom design and hand-fabricate a complete mandrel-bent system for you out of high-grade stainless steel. To ensure maximum effectiveness is achieved, hours of time and effort will go into designing and producing a one-off system for your vehicle. This attention to detail will deliver top performance, efficiency and durability in a unique package.


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