One of the most cost-effective methods of achieving more power safely is by using quality, higher-octane fuels. Whilst 98 Octane BP Ultimate is (in our opinion, based on our testing) the best fuel available at the pump, there are other alternatives that contain a higher octane rating. Various type of race fuel are available, which provide greater tuning abilities for engines; enabling boost levels to be increased and timing to be advanced, safely. This simply means MORE HORSEPOWER!


E85, for example, will not burn a hole in your pocket (unlike other fuels such as C16). Whilst there are a number of brands of E85 on the market in Australia, not all have the same octane rating or corrosion inhibitor additives, so be careful with your brand selection!


At Mercury Motorsport, we are suppliers of the Sucrogen brand of E85. This particular E85 comprises of a GUARANTEED mix of 85% Ethanol and 15% 98-octane pump fuel – other brands of E85 vary between 65-85% ethanol from batch to batch, without notice. Sucrogen BioEthanol E85 has a consistent octane rating of 108 and is the only sugar-cane derived E85 in the marketplace. So, it’s not only an eco-efficient fuel; it’s also the most consistent in quality and octane and has a very long shelf life of 200-250 years. It is also the official fuel for the V8 Supercar Series!


Most brands of E85 cause corrosion of fuel lines, fuel tanks and internal engine parts. With Sucrogen BioEthanol E85 this is not the case as each batch is mixed with the corrosion inhibitor “DC1-11”, which ensures prevention this from happening. Sucrogen BioEthanol E85 is the ONLY E85 fuel to contain this additive!


We have had fantastic results with tuning using Sucrogen BioEthanol E85, with big gains in horsepower achieved! A couple of examples are:

* Daily driven R34 GTR – achieving 630awhp on 30psi SAFELY, running Sucrogen E85 VERSUS 520awhp on 20psi on 98-octane

* R34 GTR – 600awhp on 98-octane VERSUS 940awhp on Sucrogen E85


Mercury Motorsport is the only official stockist of this race fuel from Townsville in Queensland to the Central Coast in NSW – it is NOT available at the pump at petrol stations anywhere in Australia. We supply Sucrogen BioEthanol E85 race fuel in 200 litre drums, or by the litre (jerry cans or fuel drums are required to be supplied).


Although we have had great tuning experiences with other race fuels such as VP Racing C16, Import and Roo16; Toluene blends and methanol (amongst others), we have found the Sucrogen BioEthanol E85 to be the best value for money.


Contact us for today to enquire about Sucrogen BioEthanol E85 and other race fuels and how to get the most out of your engine!


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