Intercoolers and Intakes

intercooler large Intercoolers and Intakes

Upgrading your intercooler with an aftermarket item should be one of the first steps in chasing performance out of your engine. Aftermarket intercoolers generally have a greater core surface area and a thicker core, amongst other design attributes, and with a correctly designed one outlet temps should be lowered a fair bit, making quite a difference in horsepower output over factory items.


Whether you are after a top-mount or a front-mount upgrade (air-to-air, air-to-water or a combo of both systems), we can work out a system to suit your application to ensure you get the best gains possible.


Although we have available a selection of quality aftermarket intercooler kits, which have all been tested with proven results, we can also provide you with a complete custom intercooler kit, including core (obtainable in a variety of thicknesses and sizes) and in-house fabricated intercooler piping (your choice of alloy or stainless and welded with precision).


For further information on upgrading your intercooler and piping, please contact us!