Turbos and Manifolds

turbo large Turbos and Manifolds
Are you over your engine’s lack of power due to your standard turbo and want to chase more? Or, have you upgraded your turbo but its not making the power that you anticipated? Well, it’s time to enquire about a new turbo kit for your engine!


At Mercury Motorsport our passion is simple – turbocharged cars. To us, nothing beats the rush of a turbo as it comes onto boost and the feeling of being thrust backwards hard into your seat. There is no greater feeling!


But, it is an important procedure, so if you make incorrect decisions, you will be left disappointed. Our expert staff specialises in getting turbo combinations right and when selecting a new turbo kit, it is import important to consider all of your goals to make sure you make the correct choice. One of the things that set us apart from other performance workshops is the fact that we actually take the time to run through all of the appropriate options with you to help find the perfect turbo set-up for YOUR application. This is not a ‘one size fits all’ process and ‘bigger is not always better’, so the engineering of your engine and vehicle needs to be carefully considered. This might appear overwhelming, but we are here to help – whether you want 300, 600, or 1000+ horsepower, we can not only design a system for you, but also acquire and fit all parts (including any custom intercooler piping/exhaust dump pipes) plus finish it off with a good dyno tune.


To ensure your car performs with the utmost reliability, we also only use quality turbos and accessories including brands such as Garrett, HKS, IHI, Turbosmart, Tial, GFB plus more. Our custom exhaust manifolds and are hand-fabricated here by our very own our in-house fabrication team – they look fantastic and deliver top performance, efficiency and durability!


We do not recommend cheap copy/imitation parts, usually from China, as these rarely live up to their performance ratings. They are cheap for a reason and we have seen many a customer experience this before they do it right! We take the approach of doing it once and doing it properly, so we won’t advise inferior products.


If you are planning on a turbo upgrade, call or contact us now for some friendly advice!



  • Garrett GT Series turbo (T3 flange)
  • Custom Mercury Motorsport exhaust manifold -lifetime warranty!
  • Turbosmart 50mm external wastegate
  • Studs, nuts and gasket set
  • From $3550
  • Garrett GT Series turbo (T4 Flange)
  • Custom Mercury Motorsport – lifetime warranty!
  • Turbosmart 50mm external wastegate
  • Studs, nuts and gasket set
  • From $3750