Here at Mercury Motorsport we can supply the right tyre for you, whether it be for street, drift, drag or circuit use. From a daily driver to an all out R35 GT-R race car, we can help you choose the right tyre for your application and also have them balanced and fitted.


Although we can source a wide variety of different tyre brands and types; below is some information on our preferred brands, however please Contact us for prices and further information with regards to tyres and have a chat to one of our friendly staff members:



federallogo Tyres



Federal 595:


Federal’s extremely popular UHP (ultra high performance) street tyre, the 595, continues to prove itself as one of the best street tyres available for today’s modern high performance cars. Designed for excellent dry traction and crisp steering response, whilst maintaining reliable all-weather traction and handling. The tyre of choice for Drift Racers world wide for speed, control and reliability. Federal’s extremely successful UHP, the former ss595, has been repositioned and renamed simply as the 595. Slight technical changes have been made by FTC to the tyre competition. Combat-bred, performance driven, designed for those requiring flat-out performance, no other tire grips like the 595, yet still provides for the basic comforts of everyday driving. Aggressive V-shaped tread and innovative silica compound maximizes higher level of adhesion, resistance to aquaplaning, and gives your car the ultimate control in acceleration, cornering and braking.


1. Federal’s latest tyre technology, TTIC – for smoothness, speed, and safety
2. M.P.O. (Magnified Performance Optimization) technology – for consistent performance throughout the tyre’s life.
3. Three Radius Tread Arc delivers even pressure across the contact area.
4. Steel sidewall and belts enhance optimum performance in all temperatures.
5. Opti-Noise technology for a quiet, comfortable ride.
6. Aggressive uni-directional tread pattern enhances high speed stability and traction.
7. Unique shoulder block design for predictable handling in different driving conditions.


federalss595 236x300 Tyres




Federal 595RPM:


595RPM’s advanced compound and asymmetric tread design delivers the perfect blend of comfort and performance. 595RPM offers unparalleled grip and handling for the driving enthusiast. Get ready to be worn by the ultimate super cars.



1. An asymmetric tyre with a soft inner tread and a stiff outer tread design provides both superior handling and comfort.
2. The soft inner tread pattern and main grooves offers exceptional wet performance along with reduction in noise.
3. Strong outer shoulder provides gripping control during intensive driving, while enhancing wear resistance.
4. A unique 3-dimensional inner groove design enables more responsive feedback during rigorous driving, raising the handling performance, while preventing uneven tread wear.
5. Tyre name”595RPM” displayed on main groove exhibits style and character.


federalss595rpm 225x300 Tyres




Federal 595EVO Street Competition:
Designed for the ultimate in street performance, Federal’s 595EVO provides extreme dry grip while maintaining superior wet weather handling. State-of-the-art tyre formulated for the ultimate driving experience. Technologically advanced 3-D tread design “Groove within Groove” technology for exceptional water dispersion capabilities and the latest compound formulated for competition. The 595EVO delivers precise cornering, exceptional grip, responsive performance and control at high speeds.


1. Unique 2-in-1 pitch alignment pattern reduces noise levels at high speeds.
2. Central rib increases straight line stability and on-center feel.
3. Four main grooves disperses water effectively to prevent hydroplaning.
4. Large, solid shoulder blocks increases lateral grip and handling stability.
5. Innovative 3-D groove profile combined with a downstream line design enhances water evacuation and rubber-to-road contact.
6. Sidewalls enhanced with scorching flame design add to the fierce look to your car.


federalss595evo 241x300 Tyres




Federal 595RS-R:


King of sport – 595RS-R with reinforced carcass and sidewall offers easy handling while taking the abuse of driving at high speed as well as superior grip and cornering stability, is a secret weapon for the championship. Recognized by Japanese professionals and selected as the official tyre to Australia 2007 X Challenge competition powered by Lotus. New, semi-slick, sport competition 595RS-R – designed for exceptional traction and grip. Cutting-edge technological advances in design, construction, pattern and compounds. Best performance in its class – a street legal competition tyre with the characteristics of a slick.



1. Lateral grooves substantially exterminate stiffness on shoulder blocks to upgrade traction and riding comfort.
2. Tread patterns on shoulder block provide lateral driving stability while cornering.
3. Uni-directional V-shaped main groove design enhances both sport look and water distribution.
4. Wide angle grooves improve consistency on tread blocks thereby permitting more serious grip.
5. The modern, feather-like tread pattern incorporates stylish image and outstanding responsiveness.
6. Embossed letters on the sidewall featured with unique and personal characteristics.
7. Designed for use on all high performance vehicles


federal595rsr Tyres







Dunlop Logo2 300x84 Tyres



Dunlop Car Racing Slick:


Dunlop slick racing tyres are offered in a wide range of sizes and several compound options,specifically tailored to the applications to which they are intended. Dunlop Car Racing Slicks are non-road legal tyres designed for dry conditions only and provide the ultimate in performance for closed circuit events.


dunlopcarracingslick Tyres





Dunlop Car Racing Wet R92:


Chevron “R92″ pattern generally used for wet racing, but hand grooving can be done to modify this pattern depending on the conditions. Wet tyres are made in extremely soft,temperature sensitive compounds that generate grip with the road surface despite the cooling effect of the water. Care should be taken not to continue using wet tyres once the track surface dries as overheating and degradation of the rubber compound will quickly follow.







Dunlop D01J:


Ultimate all-round performance for the serious competitor. Very high levels of dry and wet grip. Several compound options available to suit various applications and weather conditions. Range covers popular sizes in 15″ and 16″ rim diameters.


DunlopD01J 240x300 Tyres





Dunlop DZ03G:


The latest evolution in Dunlop’s superb line-up of Tarmac Rally tyres has a symmetrical, directional tread pattern with excellent drainage capability. New casing and profile designs lift dry performance over previous designs with improved “even wear” characteristics .Made in sizes to suit rim diameters from 13ins to 18ins, including newly available 295/30R18 to suit Porsche and other GT cars.


dunlopdz03g 300x264 Tyres





Dunlop SP Sport 600:


The SP Sport 600 features a high-grip, silica-reinforced tread compound moulded into an asymmetric tread pattern with a rounded profile to combine ride comfort, handling and traction. Large outboard shoulder and continuous centre ribs enhance initial responsiveness and cornering stability. Notched inboard intermediate and shoulder ribs are combined with three circumferential grooves to help resist hydroplaning. OE fitments include the Nissan GT-R, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and Subaru Impreza WRX STi.


dunlopspsport600 199x300 Tyres







yokohama logo Tyres



Yokohama Advan A048:


The Yokohama ADVAN A048 is a durable, economical choice of race tyre, available in a wide range of sizes for circuit racing, sprints and targa style road events. The ADVAN A048 is a reliable, tried and tested product that breeds close racing in categories such as Australian V8 Utes, Aussie Racing Cars, Porsche 944 Challenge and Improved Production Racing Association classes nationally. It’s also a winner of the Bathurst 12 Hour Production Car Race.


yokoa048 225x300 Tyres






Yokohama Advan A050:


During cornering the contact patch load centreline shifts towards the outside edge of the tyre. This shift has been minimised with the A050, when compared with the A048, to provide greater control and linear steering feedback. Even heat distribution is crucial in race tyres. The tread pattern of the A050 is optimised to improve heat distribution. Centre nose heat has been accelerated while shoulders generate less heat. This provides improved performance and less deterioration at high temperatures. The sharp grooves of the A048 have been replaced by rounded grooves to disperse the load more evenly on the road surface prolonging tyre life. The A050′s stable and linear steering characteristics come in part from its high rigidity bead wire, which links the tyre carcass to the wheel, it squeezes the rim tightly and helps reduce energy loss when cornering, braking or accelerating.







Yokohama Advan Sport:


A tyre for enthusiasts and high powered prestige cars. ADVAN Sport delivers the best without traditional compromises. It gives maximum grip in high speed corners and cold wet roads, yet it’s also quiet with a comfortable ride. The ADVAN Sport’s rubber compound utilises nanotechnology to provide extreme grip in a wide temperature range. So the rubber stays reactive at a micro level on cold and wet surfaces yet it doesn’t overheat as easily when driven hard on heavy and high powered premium vehicles. It is also constructed with some of the most durable materials for speeds in excess of 300 km/h. ADVAN Sport is one of the fastest, most capable, ultra high performance tyre in the world.




1. Asymmetrical Tread Pattern
2. Racing Technology
3. Advanced Construction Design
4. Exclusive Rubber Compound


yokoadvansport 186x300 Tyres





Yokohama Advan S.drive:


Fast acceleration, high speed cornering and hard braking brings the best out of the S.drive. It suits high horsepower cars with big rims that require low profile tyres. Ideal for demanding drivers and performance cars like HSV, FPV, AMG, M Sport, Nissan GTR, WRX and Evo. A sporty tyre tuned for enthusiasts who want to feel connected to the road. Using nanotechnology, Yokohama engineers have created a silica-based compound to conform to the road surface, maximising grip in both wet and dry conditions, while the rayon carcass construction protects the tyre against heat for enhanced durability at high speeds.



1. Nanotechnology tread compound.
2. Large rigid tread blocks.
3. Rayon carcass construction.
4. 4 wide grooves.
5. Tight grooves.
6. Stiff sidewalls.


yokoadvansdrive 225x300 Tyres




Yokohama Advan Neova AD03:

The ADVAN Neova AD08 bridges the gap between street tyres and race tyres. Street tyres work well when cold. Conventional rubber compounds reach their limit during high speed driving as heat softening quickly saps the tyres ability to grip the road. Using street tyres on the track can lead to slower lap times and rapid tread wear. Race tyres work well when hot. R-spec race tyres and slicks, on the other hand, generate heat which helps them grip the race track. They work best above 60 degrees celsius. Race tyres work best in the first heat cycles, then performance begins to drop off. Using race tyres on the street is uneconomical as it can waste heat cycles and reduce tyre performance. If you want a high performance tyre that will give you comfort, low noise levels and good mileage this is not the tyre for you! Micro Silica Compound 2 controls heat and feels soft on a micro level, to grip the road, and hard on a macro level to resist deformation, heat and wear.



1. Racing tread pattern with continuous tread to increase rigidity.
2. Steel sidewall inserts to increase casing rigidity.
3. Show to out perform similar extreme sports tyres in cornering, braking and on dry track conditions.
4. 8mm tread depth (Unlike a R-spec tyre’s 4.5 – 5 mm) and a 180 UTQG treadwear rating so you can expect reasonable tread life.
5. World Touring Car Championship tyre technology.


yokoneova 225x300 Tyres







Bridgestone Logo2 300x58 Tyres



Bridgestone Potenza RE55S:


The Bridgestone Potenza RE55S is Bridgestone’s ultimate club racing tyre. Developed for gymkhana and circuit racing, it features asymmetric and uni-directional tread pattern to optimise tyre performance. Available in a variety of specialised tread compounds and sizes to suit a wide range of temperatures, operating conditions and racing categories, the Potenza RE55S is a tyre designed to suit the requirements of professional racing drivers.


bridgestonepotenzaRE55S Tyres




Bridgestone Potenza RE-01R:


The Potenza RE-01R is Bridgestone’s tyre for drifters, and that’s exactly where the Bridgestone Potenza RE01R is right at home. It incorporates Bridgestone’s semi-slick shoulder block, wide straight groove, racing sit, wider centre rib, cooling sit and advanced polymer technologies for high speed, high temperature durability along with high hydro evacuation. Best of all, it’s completely legal for on road use! The Bridgestone Potenza RE-01R tyres have been designed for street use with similar characteristics as motor sport semi slick tyres, providing the ultimate street/circuit balance available.



1. High Grip and Sidewall Stiffness
2. Semi Slick like shoulder block
3. Heat resistant polymer with cooling slit
4. Wide Center rib for increased lateral stiffness
5. Silica for improved wet weather performance
6. Faster than Bridgestone RE-01 by 2 seconds at Tsukuba!


bridgestonepotenzare01r Tyres




Bridgestone Potenza S001:


For the ultimate drive it has to be Potenza S001, the ultimate performance tyre. With new optimum block rigidity offering better traction and improved braking performance, it combines high-speed capabilities with a quiet, comfortable, safer ride. The Potenza S001 is Bridgestone’s Max Performance Summer tyre developed as Original Equipment for premium high-performance sports cars, coupes and sedans. The Potenza S001 is designed to combine low rolling resistance efficiency with maximum sports performance in dry and wet conditions. The Potenza S001 features an asymmetric design combining a large outboard shoulder, interlocking tread blocks and a central circumferential rib to enhance dry road steering response, high-speed stability and cornering precision. Notches in the shoulders expel water to the sides while high-angle lateral grooves in the intermediate ribs pump water into the wide circumferential grooves to help resist hydroplaning. The tyre’s internal structure features a lightweight belt package consisting of twin steel belts supported by a spirally wrapped aramid/nylon cord reinforcement that reduces rolling resistance, enhances ride quality and ensures high-speed durability. Active rubber inserts in the sidewalls near the bead areas tune vertical sidewall stiffness to blend cornering grip with ride comfort, as well as increase longitudinal stiffness to generate straight-line braking forces.


bridgestonepotenzaS001 230x300 Tyres




Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE002:


Satisfy the sports driver in you with the next-generation Adrenalin. With outstanding performance, unbelievable cornering and improved traction in the wet and the dry, the RE002 gives you that exceptional feeling of being in harmony with the road. The new Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE002 features Bridgestone’s latest technology.



1. Centre Rib:  the new rib design replaces the original tyre’s centre groove wall, delivering better feel and handling response.
2. Wide offset Rib: for better handling response and turning performance.
3. Combination block: boosts rigidity, suppresses deformation and gives more direct handling and stronger grip.
4. Groove wall reinforcement: for strengthened lateral rigidity and more direct handling feel.
5. Three-groove design: one less groove than the RE001 gives improved dry-handling performance.
6. Silica-based compound: improves wet weather handling and rolling resistance.
7. Pulse groove: motorsport-inspired wave design for better drainage and anti-hydroplaning performance.
8. Deflector: raised protrusions on the groove floor also help improve drainage and help prevent hydroplaning.


bridgestoneadrenalinre002 230x300 Tyres







mickey thompson logo2 Tyres



Mickey Thompson ET Drag Sport Compact:


A proven drag strip winner, the ET Drag Sport Compact tyre is the number one Sport Compact Drag tyre. Real world research and development give Mickey Thompson ET Drag tyres the edge over competition brands! Engineered for maximum traction and consistent ET’s with superior construction and compounding for nearly every Sport Compact Drag Race application.



1. Compounded for Maximum Traction.
2. Requires Little or No Burnout.
3. Engineered For Consistent Performance.
4. Specialty Sizes for Sport Compact Applications.


mtdragsportcompact 231x300 Tyres




Mickey Thompson ET Street:


Real world research and development give Mickey Thompson slicks the edge over competitive brands. Engineered for maximum traction and consistent ET’s with superior construction and compounding for nearly every drag race application. The Mickey Thompson ET Street is the Worlds Fastest D.O.T. Class Race Tyre. They feature the same great features as the race winning ET Drag with a D.O.T. stamp that meets the rulebook specifications for street tyre classes. Tube type for extra sidewall strength, better air retention, and more consistent ET’s.



1. D.O.T. approved.
2. Compounded for maximum traction.
3. Requires little or no burnout.
4. Engineered for consistent performance.


mtetstreet 218x300 Tyres




Mickey Thompson ET Street Radial:


Worlds Fastest Street Radial! Mickey Thompson’s legendary race tyre technology comes to the street with the ET Street Radial. Built using the latest in high-tech radial construction techniques and years of drag racing experience and compound development, this D.O.T. approved street legal drag radial will get your car down the track in record time and drive you home with sure handling and an excellent ride.



1. Soft compound for superior traction on the drag strip.
2. Radial construction for excellent ride control on the street.
3. Low void, directional tread for maximum dry traction.
4. Special sidewall construction for quick launches.


mtetstreetradiatl 243x300 Tyres




Mickey Thompson ET Street Radial 2:


Optimised For Modern Sports Cars and Sport Compacts and new to the ET Street Radial line, this tyre is specifically designed for modern performance cars including sport compacts and others that require bigger wheel diameters for brake clearance.



1. Soft compound for superior traction on the drag strip.
2. Radial construction for excellent ride control on the street.
3. Polyester ply, steel belted for strength and durability.
4. D.O.T. approved.


mtetstreetradial2 231x300 Tyres




Mickey Thompson ET Front:
Complete line of front tyres (known as “front runners) with applications for cars, dragsters, and land speed racers. Compliments Mickey Thompson’s ET Drag drive tyres for a complete race tyre package.  NOTE:  NOT FOR STREET USE!!



1. Ultra-lightweight design reduces rolling resistance.
2. Acceptable for high speed use.
3. Tubeless construction.
4. Available in many popular size.


mtetfront 180x300 Tyres