The Mercury Motorsport team is able to source a wide range of rims to suit all tastes and applications, from street to track! Below is just an example of the many brands of wheels we can source and supply!


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ADVAN Logo1 300x73 Wheels



ADVAN is Yokohama’s flagship brand. It’s the name given to Yokohama’s best high performance road tyres, race tyres and light weight wheel range. Derived from “ADVANCE”, it means using innovation to keep one step ahead of competitors!



ADVAN Racing RS-D:


ADVAN Racing RS-D has a certain street appeal with a race focus! They are “Deep Dish” wheel and depending on the size, “Extra Deep” versions can be up to 77mm deep! The ADVAN RS-D focuses on larger sizes ranging from 18 inch to 20 inch. Available in 3 colours; Machining Silver, Machining Black and Bright Chrome, all colours come with a diamond polished rim with a flawless mirror finish. Common offsets and stud patterns are available to suit most Japanese, European and Domestic built cars.


The one-piece construction is flow formed with a long 10 spoke design. The spokes curve back sharply to achieve brake calliper clearance as well as the deep dish look. Each rim features the ADVAN Racing logo raised 1mm in height between the spokes on the rim area. The logo is carved in superb detail which is a secondary process after painting; except for the Bright Chrome finish. Additional ADVAN RS-D stickers can be printed on the spoke to customise the appearance!


advanrsdblack 300x250 Wheels advanrs dbright chrome 300x244 Wheelsadvanrs dmachining silver 300x228 Wheels




ADVANRS D Nissan370Zpic 300x125 Wheels






Yokohama’s wheel forging technology now flows into the ADVAN series! The ADVAN Racing RZ-DF is the first forged wheel to be made under the ADVAN Racing brand. This wheel offers superior strength and light weight characteristics required for race conditions. This deep dish wheel is available in three depths: 37.5mm (Stanadard), 53.5-56.5mm (Medium), and 72.5mm (Extra). A wide range of PCD variations are offered to suit most Japanese, Domestic, and European cars (inc. Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, VW). The size range is available in 18 and 19inch with colours Hyper Silver, Hyper Black, and Mat Black.


The ADVAN RZ-DF is manufactured through a 4 mold form forging process (4MF). Each wheel is molded into shape under 8000tonnes of maximum pressure to create a high density forged wheel. Using the most advanced coating technology (4-coat 4-baking process), high quality hyper colour paint is applied to Hyper Silver and Hyper Black wheels. These are then polished by a Diamond Cut Machining Process to create a premium metallic finish!


advanRZDFmatblack 300x277 Wheels advanRZDFgrey 300x277 Wheels


advanRZDF Lexus 300x104 Wheels



ADVAN Racing RG-D:


The ADVAN Racing RG-D is a deep dish wheel based on the ever so popular ADVAN Racing RG model. The dish on the typical front wheel sizes vary from 38.5-39.5mm while the rear wheels vary from 56.5-61.5mm depending on the size. ADVAN RG-D is available in 17,18 and 19 inch. Available in 3 colours; Mat Black, Hyper Silver and Gold. Suitable mainly for Japanese cars with 100 and 114.3 PCDs.


Extremely strong high quality cast wheel with a 6 spoke design. The spokes designed to curve back sharply to achieve larger brake calliper clearance. Each rim features the ADVAN Racing logo raised 1mm in height between the spokes on the rim area. The logo is carved in superb detail which is a secondary process after painting. Additional ADVAN RG-D sticker printed on the spoke.



advanRGDsilver 300x277 Wheels advanRGDblack 300x277 Wheels advanRGD Gold 300x277 Wheels





ADVAN Racing RZ:


The ADVAN Racing RZ has 10 spokes but it is actually a twin 5 spoke design with different spacing. This wheel is based on the “GTR design” and has a more aggressive look with longer spokes and deeper tapering towards the centre of the wheel. It is ideal for high performance cars with upgraded brake packages. Wheels are available in 17, 18 and 19inch in Hyper Silver, Gold and Dark Gun Metallic. Bright Chrome is unavailable but the WTCC BMW Colour of Hyper Silver is a premium finish with a truly stunning look. Will fit most Japanese, European, and Domestic built cars.


The ADVAN Racing RZ is a one-piece cast wheel using new advanced flow-forming technology to maximise strength and durability for extreme racing conditions. The new shape of the inner rim design offers extra strength without adding any weight. The twin 5 spokes are designed to extend to the outer flange to give its aggressive thin long look. Some larger GTR sizes feature an even more aggressive concave spoke design to clear larger brake callipers. The bolt holes are specifically placed between the narrow twin spokes allowing reinforcement in the critical spoke area.. Each rim features the ADVAN Racing logo raised 1mm and engraved between the spokes on the rim area. Several stickers are included allowing some customising of the appearance.






The ADVAN RCIII is designed specifically for the PWRC World Rally contenders for tarmac events. Thus it is available in offsets for cars that can master the tarmac and tough stages of any rally. Wheels are available in 15, 17 and 18inch with offsets to suit cars like Subaru Impreza and Lancer Evolution in competition specifications. Available only in race colours Gold and White.


The ADVAN RCIII is a strong one-piece 10 spoke wheel designed specifically for PWRC. The spokes are thick with reinforcements to cope with the extra stress of tarmac rally racing. It is manufactured in 3 stud patterns 4 hole x 100mm PCD, 5 hole x 100 PCD and 5 hole x 114.3 mm PCD with a limited number of offsets that comply with competition specifications. A special ADVAN Rally RCIII logo is printed around the centre of the wheel.